Title: Enlightenment
The Design: In her design for Enlightenment, lace artist Laura Friesel called upon symbols from Japanese mythology to express the search for enlightenment: the crane is the symbol of longevity and wisdom, a wise man; the moon represents elusive enlightenment; the sea remains unmoved by the activity going on above it, reality merely reflecting back the glimmers of the moonlight that sparkles briefly on the tips of the waves. By using a single technique, Withof Duchesse, throughout the piece, the artist demonstrates the myriad effects that can be created by changing the materials. The appearance also changes with lighting, allowing the moon and sea to advance or recede like the symbols they are. We are always searching for something elusive in life, very much like the cranes after the moon.
The Poem:  The white cranes pursue the moon, The dark sea remains unchanged.
The Materials:  AVAS Soie Perlee, Organzine Bella Silk DMC A Broder 20, Lt. Silver Metallic Edmar Rayon Boucle, Nova, Frost Gutermann Silk 300/3 Kreinik Metallic Cable Mettler Cotton 40/2, 50/3 Piper’s Silk Floss, Gloss Silk, Spun Silk 80/3, Twisted Silk 4/20
 The Dimensions: Image size: 18.5” x 26”   (47 cm x 66 cm) Framed size: 25.5” x 33” (64.7 cm x 83.8 cm)
 The Technique: Bobbin Lace dates from the 15th century and employs threads wrapped
around separate bobbins. Using traditional weaving techniques, the lace
maker manipulates each individual thread providing unlimited creative
opportunities in design. Pins support the threads as they are woven together
to create the pattern.