The Lady’s Secret

Lady's Secret - 600

Title: The Lady’s Secret
The Design: A story of hidden love from a 10th inspired The Lady’s Secret. Their relationship is illicit and the lovers must be very careful to not be caught. She must hide this affair behind the dark leaves of a protective facade, but her fierce passion for her love is like the bold red symbol of the powerful southern sea. She fears her love, the red, gold, and spring green leaves, in such contrast to her dark facade, will betray her. Using gold and silk threads lace artist Laura Freisel has combined Withof Duchess, Russian, Mainstream Weaving, Honiton and Braiding techniques in this work which is mounted on a subtly figured cream ground. The edge matting of spring green and gold, surrounded by a variegated mocha mat and a dark frame with a burl veneered surface continue the theme. The background and framing are integral to the composition of the work.
The Poem:  Speak of this to no one, not even in dreams –
and in case the pillow should be too wise,
we’ll have no pillow but our arms.
My love is as endless as the waves of the southern sea
that, driven by fierce winds, never cease their breaking.
I want to see him but even in dreams I don’t dare –
morning after morning I’m more ashamed to see
how love has changed my looks.
The Materials:  Piper’s Silk Floss
Bella Silk
Piper’s 80/3 Twisted Silk
Hand dyed Silk
Piper’s 210/2 Spun Silk
Real Gold Thread No.5
Knox’s Linen
 The Dimensions: Image Size 10” x 20 1⁄2 “ (25.4cm x 52.07cm)
Framed Size 18” x 28 1⁄2” (45.72cm x 72.39cm)
 The Technique: Bobbin Lace dates from the 15th century and employs threads wrapped
around separate bobbins. Using traditional weaving techniques, the lace
maker manipulates each individual thread providing unlimited creative
opportunities in design. Pins support the threads as they are woven together
to create the pattern.