Phoenix Wings

Phoenix - 550px

Title:  Phoenix Wings
The Design: Taking inspiration from a poem by the 10thC Japanese poet, Sugawara no Funtoki, contemporary lace artist Laura Friesel has used a variety of fibers and materials to interpret the image of camellia blossoms floating down in front of bamboo like kimono ­clad dancing girls gracefully descending stairs. The red flowers signify the wings of the mythical red Phoenix; the green bamboo represents the balustrades and the stairs from the tower. The Withof lace is lightly tacked in place to allow movement of the flowers and leaves enhancing the idea of them gracefully floating. Beads strung on twisted wire form camellia centers. The Flemish filling in the flowers and leaves was researched and constructed by Ulrike Voelcker from antique lace and used with permission.
The Poem:  They flit from the Pavilion – Phoenix Wings!
pirouetting down the balustrades
they descend the tower ­dancing girls’ sleeves!
twirling against the stairs.
The Materials:  Pipers Silk Floss
Kreinik Cord
Enameled Wire 30 ga.
Seed Bead size 11
Gutermann Cotton 50/2
Mettler 50/2
DMC Brilliante d’Alsace Cotton 30/2
Edmar Lola Rayon
AuVer Soie Perlee
Gloriana Princess Perle Petit
 The Dimensions: Image Size: 23” x 12 1⁄2 “ (58.5 cm x 31.7 cm)
Framed Size: 29 1⁄2 “ x 19” (75 cm x 48 cm)
 The Technique: Bobbin Lace dates from the 15th century and employs threads wrapped
around separate bobbins. Using traditional weaving techniques, the lace
maker manipulates each individual thread providing unlimited creative
opportunities in design. Pins support the threads as they are woven together
to create the pattern.