Pines Endure

Pines Endure - 550

Title:  Pines Endure
The Design:  In Japanese art, the evergreen pine is a symbol of longevity and endurance. For Pines Endure, lace artist Laura Friesel has used the traditional Japanese symbol for the pine tree, drawn at an angle as though blown in a storm, and placed the symbol of the strong winds inside the pine forest. The swirling winds appear to move the pines. Milanese and Honiton/Duchesse lace stitches are used for the pines with a rib stitch for the wind. Shades of green with metallic silver for the pines and white with metallic silver for the wind convey the cold winter storm blowing through.
The Poem:  Winter winds storm through the forest
Pines bow deeply, taking no notice.
This season will pass into spring.
The Materials:  Piper’s Floss Mermaid
Piper’s Floss Forest Green
Piper’s Floss Dark Green
Piper’s 80/2 White
Kreinik Silver Cord
 The Dimensions: Image size: 16.5” x 10.25”  (42 cm x 26 cm)
Framed size: 20.5” x 14”  (52 cm x 35.6 cm)
 The Technique: Bobbin Lace dates from the 15th century and employs threads wrapped
around separate bobbins. Using traditional weaving techniques, the lace
maker manipulates each individual thread providing unlimited creative
opportunities in design. Pins support the threads as they are woven together
to create the pattern.