The Technique

Lace making, as Laura Friesel is wont to say, is not for the faint of heart. Not only is it worked from the reverse side, it requires intense concentration to keep the mind on the threads being worked at the moment. No multitasking here or the consequences will be dire. However, for those with a patient and detail oriented nature, the repetitive twisting and intricate weaving of the threads on their shapely bobbins is both peaceful and rewarding as the pin marked pattern takes shape under the fingers.

Bobbin lace is made with thread filled bobbins and a stuffed pad or pillow. The design is drawn on paper or parchment and pins are placed through the pattern into the pillow. The threads on the bobbins are supported by the pins, and the bobbins are then passed over, under or around each other, plaiting, interfacing and twisting the threads as desired. The patterns can be reused and recombined to suit various needs. Laura’s work will sometimes be made with a single grouping of four threads worked continuously, or she may assemble a composition of multiple individual pieces. It is easy to understand how a single painting can require 1000 hours or more of work.

Every lace painting by Laura Friesel is an original work of art, uniquely suited to a contemporary world far removed from the historical periods when lace was an integral part of fashion and social custom.