winter - 550

Title:  Winter
The Design: Stretching bobbin lace beyond its traditional forms is the goal for lace artist Laura Friesel. In this work entitled Winter, she has combined two very different materials: metal and silk. Her inspiration is a 12th Century poem by Minamoto no Sanetomo. The bare winter trees are made of fine gauge silver wire braided with up to 24 strands gathered into 3 or 4 sections. The finished trees were oxidized with liver of sulpher and sprayed with a sealer at the point of the chosen color. Silk floss, used for the fog and mist, provides the atmosphere of winter damp. Half stitch is used for the bands of mist rising in the trees; pinless point ground creates the irregular background of fog. The unsupported background allows the fibers to move organically with naturally occurring shaded areas, an example of the artist using a traditional point ground technique in an expertly untraditional manner. Within the shadowbox framing, the tree wires, being not totally fixed in place, have room to move, as does the silk which is purposely tacked just enough for support and placement, but can move and catch on the trees depending on humidity thus adding to the impression of winter’s dreary weather. The picture frame echoes the oxidized silver trees.
The Poem:  Autumn’s gone away.
The wind has blown from the trees
     every single leaf;
and the mountains are forlorn
     now that winter has come.
The Materials:  Piper’s Silk Floss
30 gauge Fine Silver Wire,, oxidized with liver of sulpher
 The Dimensions: Image Size 13″ x 13″ (33cm x 33cm)
Framed Size 18 3/4″ x 18 3/4″ (48cm x 48cm)
 The Technique: Bobbin Lace dates from the 15th century and employs threads wrapped
around separate bobbins. Using traditional weaving techniques, the lace
maker manipulates each individual thread providing unlimited creative
opportunities in design. Pins support the threads as they are woven together
to create the pattern.